The Toddler Egg Drop Experiment

We have dyed eggs, had an Easter egg hunt and well… We had some time on our hands.  After contemplating a variety of ways to spend our afternoon, we decided to try an experiment.  What could we wrap a raw egg in that when dropped out a second story window, it would survive breakage? 

My two kids, Maguire and Harper (6 and 4) picked a variety of objects around the house.   They included:

-being wrapped in a bag of cereal 

– in the top of a Snackeez cup

-wrapped in a terry towel

-wrapped in a polyester dress 

-Plastic wrap

– raw banana peels (not pictured below)

Trial 1:  Cheerios 

Maguire predicted that when placed within the cherrios bag, the egg would survive.  

This is our launch pad (out a second story window). 

We ran back down stairs, opened the bag and were excited to see our first experiment was successful!

Trial 2:  Snackeez Cup

Harper selected the top of the snackee cup for her trial. 

As we opened the bag after the drop, we could see the egg oozing out of the lid. 
We thought it was pretty neat that one of our ideas hadn’t worked.  The ooze was gross and exactly what we desired to see!

Trial 3: Terry Towel Wrap

Maguire rolled the egg in the towel.

It stayed fairly well in tact but had a small break on the end.

At this point I thought I would ask Maguire about failure because he had one successful and one failed attempt.

Maguire enjoyed the failed attempt much more than the successful attempt.  He likes to see when/how things break.  I asked him how many times he would continuously try.  He was ok trying for attempts 1 to 100 but said after that he would just try something new (I can’t blame him…. 100 times of trying may need a massive design or idea change). 

Try 4:  Banana Peel

Harper choose the banana peel as she scoured our home looking for creative ideas. 

  This was our most interesting surprise.  Even though the egg was barely covered (you could still see parts of the egg from the outside), the egg survived without breaking.  We all celebrated in excitement as Maguire and I had predicted failure. 


Trial 5: Polyester Dress



This was very well cushioned and had no problem sustaining the fall. 

6. Plastic wrap

The final attempt was my choice of plastic wrap.  I wrapped it  into quite a ball and it had no trouble sustaining the fall either.

At this point I thought I would try to wrap our experiment with a conversation about the importance of attempts and how some will fail and others will succeed.  So I attempted a video interview to try and capture authentic thoughts.  I was clearly trying for too much.  The toddler attention span was at an end.

For now, the take away was on creativity.  How creative can we be in thinking outside of the box when we experiment.  

Perhaps we can improve on our egg drop experiment for next year.   

Until then… Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!


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