Protecting My Students’ Papers: Handbag Raincoat

In Washington State, you can count on rain a majority of the school year.  

I am well prepared (hence the large golf umbrella and raincoat). 

However, lately, as I have left school I have noticed that my bag full of papers has been getting rained on causing the writing to smear and the work to become ruined (we have a few years until chrome books become the norm at my school). 

Thank goodness I found just the thing to help protect students’ papers: handbag raincoat. 

It folds up and stores inside my bag.  When I am ready, I velcro it over the top of my open bag and instantly my personal belongings are protected from the weather conditions.

Though the sound of the rain is one of my personal favorites, the effect of rain on my personal items is not always welcome.  Minimizing the effects is a welcome relief.  

Rain also reminds me that spring is almost here… Which additionally means not too long until summer vacation (forward thinking I am aware!)

Until then… Here is wishing you a normal rainfall over the next few months.


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